Construction Related Death Or Serious Injury Claims

Hundreds if not thousands of construction workers are seriously injured or killed each year as a result of dangerous conditions or hazards that exists at a construction site. In fact, work injuries are so common[...]


Oil Field Injury Accidents

While the oil industry is booming and striving in Texas, the fact remains that the job sites are inherently dangerous for the employees.   Oil rig workers can and do get killed and/or seriously injured as[...]


What Types Of Car Insurance Coverage Are There?

Hindsight is 20/20. As a personal injury law firm, you can imagine that many people ask what kind of car insurance they should carry. Sadly, many people only begin to question the type of insurance,[...]


Wisdom in Counsel

Just the other day I consulted with a business owner whom had been suffering to his financial detriment for over 3 years from the actions and antics of another member of their limited liability company.[...]


7 Things To Ask About Your Car Insurance Coverage

Scenario: It is 5 pm, you just got out of work and you are headed down the same roads you take everyday. You pull up to an intersection when that new song you like just[...]


AVIATION and HELICOPTER Related Injuries

If you have lost a loved one or have suffered injuries, damages, or death as a result of an aircraft-related injury (ie. planes, helicopters, passengers of an airline), you may want to speak with a[...]

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