Boating, Jet Ski, And Water Sports Accidents

October 15, 2019
Oceans, lakes, rivers, and beaches can be beautiful places to visit, play, and relax. They can also be great places to fish for sport and recreation or work.  Did you know that Texas has more inland water than any other state in the United States? According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, there are more than 580,000 boats in Texas.  With all the planning that goes into the perfect outing, families tend to forget to be cautious of the potential dangers that can cause death or serious injuries while on the water. THINGS TO REMEMBER to help avoid accidents and injuries on the water: Driver qualification and experience in operating a boat; Assure that your boat is equipped with visual distress signals, fire extinguishers, and working navigation lights; DON’T forget your life jackets.  Make sure you have enough life jackets for every person on the boat; DON’T drink alcohol  while operating a boat; DON’T forget your flares; Assure that your boat is equipped with a marine radio; Make sure that your boat is properly maintained to assure that it will not break down; Stay alert to your surroundings; Be aware of the weather hazards and current patterns; Maintain extreme caution;  Most common boating accidents are preventable. Some of these common factors include the following: Failing to have a valid driver’s license to operate a boat; Driver inexperience; Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol; Driving inattention to the surroundings; Failing to keep a proper lookout for other boats in the vicinity; Failing to maintain a safe distance between your boat and any other boats in the area; Failing to yield to other boats; Failing to travel at a safe speed in high traffic areas; Failing to have a designated spotter; When water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or other water sport it is extremely important that the driver of the boat stays alert and in the proper boating lanes.  This is critical when towing a water skier since the skier will be in the water and may fall victim to other boats who are unaware that the skier is down. Many water skiers are injured or even killed when a boat crossed the tow rope or runs over them.  Driving a jet ski or waverunner requires driver attentiveness and caution.  A common cause of injury on water sport vehicles involving jet skis or waverunners is the collision with other water sport vehicles or other boats. Another common cause of jet ski or waverunner injury involves jet injuries caused by poor maintenance of the vehicle, product liability issues and misuse of the vehicle. These injuries can include orifice injuries, broken limbs, head trauma, skin injuries, and even death.    While all boating use carries the same inherent risk of injury or death as the use of any type of vehicle, all water sports have the additional danger of drowning. As such, proper warnings, safety devices, training, and supervision should be properly explained and used. Furthermore, all State and Federal laws should be followed. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE HURT AFTER A BOATING ACCIDENT? Assess for fatalities or injuries. If you […] Read more