Texas Worker’s Compensation

September 3, 2019
Employees injured on the job are entitled to receive benefits under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, including medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. However, these benefits are only available to the employee if the employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, which is not required in Texas. While it is encouraged, many companies do not carry this coverage, leaving injured workers in a precarious position fearing the incurring of medical bills, pharmaceutical bills and the inability to work and provide for his or her family. If an employee is killed on the job, his or her spouse and minor children may be entitled to lifetime “death benefits.”  In some cases, employers offer other benefit plans to compensate for on-the-job injuries, but these “plans” typically offer fewer or minimal benefits compared to what would be available through workers’ compensation. Other companies fail to provide any coverage at all. Whether a company chooses to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for its employees or not, they are still held to a higher standard to assure that they provide a safe work environment, safe equipment and proper training for workers. When an employer fails to maintain these standards, they may be held liable for damages caused by your injuries. Some of the most common situations that lead to these types of claims include: Defective products; Defective construction equipment; Premises liability and dangerous conditions; Defective building materials; Dangerous condition deadly falls; Defective product electrocution; Misuse of cranes; Falling objects;  Dangerous generators; Asbestos products; Defective tires; Defective Cranes; Defective forklifts; Hidden holes,  Lack of proper lighting; Improper design of stairs; Improper security; Negligent use of construction equipment; Hazardous and/or hidden traps; Electrical problems; Dangerous defects; Negligence and careless actions; Negligent co-workers; Negligent construction companies; Negligent subcontractors; Other dangerous conditions; Toxic Exposure Claims- includes Dangerous chemicals; Chemical solvents; Explosive agents; Toxic waste;  Blackwater sewage; Insecticides; Mercury; Asbestos products; and  Petrochemicals When a family member is killed or seriously injured as a result of a hazardous work environment, hazardous work equipment, hazardous work-related activity or the negligence of a person or persons you need an Attorney who will be compassionate to the grieving family’s needs, an Attorney you can trust to be your voice and an Attorney who will work endlessly to assure that you or your family are compensated for your loss.  Our team of experts are ready to investigate what Workers Compensation benefits are available, if any, the facts surrounding the specific accident, to investigate all persons who had knowledge regarding the dangerous condition or element (construction site owner, the property owner, premises owner or property maintainer) in order to prove liability of the culpable party and to assist my staff with compiling a strong case against the at-fault party or parties.   Call 210-996-2237 to schedule your Texas Workers Compensation consultation today. Read more